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Note that many items are now between 30 and 70 years old. 

Some tarnishing of contacts or storage marks may have occurred.  I can advise on the detailed condition of specific items on request


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 Fischer & Lemo Connectors
CON6100x . Fischer and LEMO Connectors
A few various types available - some listed below.
See HERE for the catalogue on the Fischer site.
New/Used from 2.00
LEMO EHT 1w Panel Lead through Socket.
Double-ended accepting free plug inside and outside equipment.
Gold plated contacts.  16mm diameter, 20mm diameter bezel, 40mm long.
New Old Stock 25.50
CON6102 LEMO EHT 1w Free Plug.
Mates with CON6101. 13mm diameter, 43 mm long.
New Old Stock 20.50
CON6109 LEMO 1w Free plug female contact. Size 0. With screened cable entry.  35mm x 10mm body
New Old Stock 9.50
CON6110 LEMO 1w Free plug male contact.  Size 0. With extended screened cable entry.  47mm x 10mm body
   long version of CON6112
New Old Stock 9.90
CON6112 .   LEMO 1w Free Plug with male contact Size 0. With screened cable entry.  35mm x 9mm
Short version of CON6110
New Old Stock 7.70
CON6111 LEMO 1w Fixed socket female contact. Size 0. With screened cable entry.  35mm x 10mm New Old Stock 5.50
CON6111a LEMO 1w Fixed socket female contact . Size 0.  18 x 10mm.   Ex equipment with solder tag. Used
CON6113 Cable with LEMO 1w Free Plug on each end.
Miniature Screened cable Approximately 2mm diameter.
2m long approximately.
Ex Lab 7.50
CON6115   LEMO HT Fixed Socket.  Engraved HT5. New Old Stock 7.00
CON6116 LEMO 2w Fixed socket. Size 0.  One male and one female contact.
8.99mm diameter, 18mm long, 10mm bezel
New Old Stock 6.00
CON6116a LEMO 2w Fixed socket. Size 0.  One male and one female contact with earth lug
8.99mm diameter, 18mm long, 10mm bezel
Used 2.90
CON6118 Cable with LEMO 2w Free Plug on each end. Size 0.
Miniature Screened cable Approximately 2mm diameter.
2m long approximately.  Mates with CON6116
Ex Lab 7.50
CON6119 . Cable with LEMO 2w Free Plug on one end. Size 0.
Miniature single high quality black screened cable. 
2.2mm diameter.  Mostly about 10m long.  Mates with CON6116. 
Ex Lab 5.50 ea

6 for 22.00
CON6217   Fischer Free Plug 2w double screened.  
Ex equip with short length cable attached.
Ex equip. 4.00
CON6218 . Cable with Fischer Free Plug 2w.      Various long lengths. Ex Lab .
CON6219 . Fischer 3w Free plug.  SE103 A052/6.2 .  New Old Stock 9.00
CON6221 . Fischer 5w Free socket.  SE104 Z053/7.7 .  New Old Stock 9.00
CON6225 . Fischer Flexible Black Cable sleeves. 103.00.861 (small) and 104.00.861 (larger) New Old Stock 2.00
Other Circular Types
CON6370 Bulgin P427.  6 pole fixed male receptacle. 19mm diameter hole, 34mm long Unused 5.50
Bulgin 3 pole Connectors 
See Mains Section for similar 3-way connectors
Valve Bases and Plugs,  IO B7G and Connectors - See Valve Page    
CON6381 Plessey Mk 14 3 way Free Socket size 1.  Ref 508/1/12546.  9mm diameter, 15mm long overall.  Supplied with 4 loose gold plated sockets for solder or crimp use and push fit into body moulding.  With instruction sheet. Sealed bags. New old stock 0.50
CON6382   Plessey Mk 14.  Cable clamp assembly size 2. Ref 508/1/15292
Sealed bags. New old stock 0.50
CON4375 Souriau  7 way free socket. 8-40-2
50mm diameter 25mm receptacle entry. Aluminium body, plastics shroud.
Used 3.60
CON4378 Cannon EP 3-14 3 way fixed receptacle male contacts.
27mm diameter 63mm long.  Also marketed under Amphenol brand.
Unused 3.90
PET Connectors  - ( Precision Electronic Terminations) - PTFE insulation - often used as HV or DVM input
CON6390   PET Fixed 1 pole.  As 6391 with extended shield and with attached HV wire Unused 9.00
CON6391 PET Fixed 1 pole.   ?Used 5.00
CON6392 PET Free 1 way . New old stock 7.50

Jaeger 8w free socket 0429 550 06 - "Socket Insert Plug".    Ex equipment wired with short cut-off cable. Solder connections.
Two large sockets and six smaller 15A and 35A rated.   Outer ring approx 27mm diameter. The cable entry has 3 possible positions - sides and top.  On most there is a small 500 ohm potentiometer mounted inside on the hood which can be unscrewed. 
This type was used on various professional and broadcast equipments.    


Used 1.60
POST OFFICE  Connectors 
CON6523 PO style 84A Fixed jack socket 4 pole.  
17mm barrel 28mm behind panel
New Old Stock 5.20
CON6524 . PO style 84A Free Jack plug 4 pole.  
New Old Stock 5.20
Belling Lee "Screenector" plugs and Sockets. CONN6581 to CON6592
Low weight screened connectors for low and medium frequencies. The housings are polarised and accommodate easily changed plug and socket assemblies.  A spring-loaded locking ring is incorporated to prevent accidental disengagement but screen continuity is maintained in static environments even with the ring undone.   Joint Services numbers are applied to some of the range.

The inserts in in all the range can be interchanged to change from plug to socket in both the fixed and free types and between the 1,2 and 3 pole versions. The body dimensions are the same for the 1, 2 and 3 pole versions.

CON6581 1 way Free Plug. L788/FP 5935-99-943-8177 New Old Stock 3.60
CON6582 1 way Free Socket. L788/FS 5935-99-927-8082 New Old Stock 3.60
CON6584 1 way Fixed Socket. L788/CS 5952-99-943-8807
New Old Stock 2.60
CON6585 2 way Free Plug.  L789/FP 5935-99-972-8052 
23mm max diameter, 32mm long plus sleeve.
New Old Stock 3.60
CON6586  2 way Free Socket.  L789/FS
      19mm max diameter, 32mm long plus sleeve.
New Old Stock 3.60
CON6588 . 2 way Fixed Socket. L789/CS 5935-99-972-8053
The mounting flange is 35 x 22.1mm. The holes are on 28.3mm centres. The diameter of the body behind panel is 18.9mm.
New Old Stock 2.60
CON6589 3 way Free Plug.  L790/FP 5935-99-911-1090 New Old Stock 3.60
CON6590 3 way Free Socket.  L790/FS New Old Stock 3.60
CON6592 3 way Fixed Socket.  L790/CS 5935-99-911-1092
New Old Stock 2.60
CON6615 Hirose- HRS - 3 pole free socket - line socket, bayonet style 147040
17mm diameter, 43mm long overall
New Old Stock 5.50
CON6618 . Hirose- HRS - 10 pole free socket . 294834  RS 470-831
Unopened packet with sleeve
New Old Stock 5.50
CON6685     7-way Free DIN plug.  Locking style metal body.    Unused old stock 0.30
CON6756 . CCQ 14 way connectors and leads.   Video/Audio and power for Sony Cameras. Various Used -
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