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N Type
Twinax UHF
- see also  BNC Twin


General Radio






Note that most items are now between 30 and 70 years old. 

Some tarnishing of contacts may have occurred.  I can advise on the detailed condition of specific items on request


Cat No.

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CON2362 UHF Elbow Connector - Greenpar 40023SC10.  
Silver plated.  for group 10 cables - URM43, URM76, RG58C/U, 141A/U, 142B/U, BICC T3010, Davu 5604. Unopened bags.              
    See Instructions for assembly.
New 6.50
CON2364 UHF 50 ohm Female-Female Coupler.
Used/Unused 2.90
CON2365 UHF 50 ohm Tee.  New old stock 2.80
CON2366 UHF 50 ohm Female to BNC Male adaptor  UG255/U Used/Unused 2.90
CON2367 UHF 50 ohm Male to BNC Female adaptor  UG273/U
Short are nickel plated, long are silver plated.  As available
Used/Unused 2.90
CON2422 . DC Isolator Microlab HR12N HR-12N.  N male to female. 
5985-00-738-6747      1 to 6 GHz, 50W <1kV, <0.2dB loss.
Used 19.00
CON2423 . DC Isolator Microlab HR52N HR-52N.  N male to female. Used 19.00
CON2424 . Microlab HS10N  HS-10N.  N male to female. Used 19.00
CON2483 Con_N_Fixed-Plug.jpg (13650 bytes) N Connector Fixed Male Socket.  25mm square, holes on 18mm centres. Ex Equip. 0.80
CON2484 Con_N_Fixed-Skt.jpg (11740 bytes) N Connector Fixed Female Plug. 25mm square, holes on 18mm centres. Ex Equip. 1.60
CON2485 Covers.jpg (17189 bytes) Captive Covers for the above N Connectors.  State whether for plug or socket Ex Equip. 0.20
CON2486 N 50 ohm Connector Free Male Silver plated.  for group 10 cables - URM43, URM76, RG58C/U, 141A/U, 142B/U, BICC T3010, Davu 5604. New 7.50
CON2487 N 50 ohm Connector Free Male Nickel plated. Cable inlet 11mm diameter
NSN 99-740-5209
New 7.50
CON2489 N Elbow 50 ohm Connector Free Male. Greenpar  Silver plated.  for group 10 cables - URM43, URM76, RG58C/U, 141A/U, 142B/U, BICC T3010, Davu 5604. Unopened bags. New 9.50


For a comprehensive list of BNC Connectors and part numbers see  HERE as web page
Many are available in quantity and new stock.
These are available from a partner company and further details can be supplied.
CON2503 . BNC Free Plug 50 ohm Crimp UG 1785
Coline 125-01-010, Farnell 143-776 or RS456-352
New Bagged 0.95
CON2504 BNC Free Socket 50 ohm Crimp New Bagged 0.95
CON2507 BNC 50 ohms chassis Sockets.  Various types ex equipment.  
Some with insulators and solder tags.
Used 0.20 ea or 10 for 1.70
CON2508 BNC 50 ohms chassis Socket with switch.  Radiall 141439. 
Insertion of Free connector operates switch with one make and one break switch.     17mm square flange with tapped holes at 12.5mm centres.
New 9.50
CON2509 BNC 50 ohms Insulated chassis Socket.  RS type 456-706 Used 0.24 or 10 for 2.00
BNC 50 ohms, square flange. RS 455-810 or equivalent
CON2534 Conn06a.jpg (25492 bytes) BNC Panel Feed-Through.  75 ohm Greenpar.  Can also be used as a line coupler New old stock 0.70
CON2535 BNC 50 ohms Coupler Socket-Socket.   Radiall UG-914/U or G35034 or equivalent.  Joins two BNC cables with plugs. Used
CON2536 BNC_50_T.jpg (16858 bytes) BNC 50 ohms T pieces.   RS 405-073 Jack/Jack/Plug Adaptor, Radiall 141780 UG274 B/U or equivalent. Used
CON2541 BNC Lead with miniature cable.  BNC at one end only.
PTFE cable 2.1mm diameter  approximately. 
Red or blue supplied - 2m long approx.
Ex Lab 3.50
CON2545 . BNC to BNC Leads.  50 and 75 ohm, various lengths.   Ex Lab or unused From
1.20 to 5.00
CON2561 Twin BNC (Twinax) - Radiall 605400       Used 0.50
CON2585 BNC Box 50 ohm female to BNC male. 75mm internalx 30 x 20mm external body New 12.00

OTHER COAXIAL TYPES including Military Connectors

CON2615 Miniature BNC  50 ohms chassis Socket RS type 455-703 (455703).
Sealed packets.   Silver plated with sealing ring, washer and nut. 
Body 7mm diameter, flange 10mm with flat. 

Picture shows a used sample alongside a standard BNC.
(RS price 7.30 plus tax)
New 3.20
CON2620 GR_Conn_900BT_c.jpg (81650 bytes)
GR 900BT Precision Coaxial Connector.
50 ohm.   Other types available.
GR_Conn_900BT_a.jpg (20566 bytes)GR_Conn_900BT_b.jpg (69853 bytes)  General Radio boxed 
New old stock 14.00
CON2723 Coaxial Fixed Socket   2 only remaining New old stock 4.80
CON2724 Pye Coax - Coaxial Free Coupler
Plug-Plug to join two  10H/391 sockets.   
Can be used as chassis or free.  
Used 4.00
CON2725 Coaxial Fixed Plug, 10H/528 - Pye Coax - Pye Connector
Often Called "Pye Connectors" although also made by others.
New old stock 4.50
CON2731 Pattern 12.  (PR12A)  Coaxial Fixed Plug 5935-99-011-9806.   
Some tarnishing due to age.  As used in Racal receivers RA17 etc.
New old stock 0.30 ea
10 for 2.50
    Pattern 12.  (PR12A)  Coaxial Connectors.   
Some tarnishing due to age.  As used in Racal receivers RA17 etc.
I have a very few free and coupler connectors available.  Please ask.
New old stock From
CON2740 . Miniature Coaxial Fixed Bulkhead Socket.  Belling & Lee L1403/BS/Au.
Socket at each end.  Gold plated. 
Sealed bags. (2 only) Also 3 not Gold plated.
New old stock 3.30
CON2746 Lead with Brüel and Kjoer  JP0012 or equivalent at one end and wires other. 
Cable approx 2mm diameter. Filotex
See BNC section for similar miniature cable.
Ex lab 5.50
CON2765 MUSA U Link.  As used by BBC and Post Office Telephone Exchanges. Some silver tarnish. New old stock 4.80
CON2775 Plessey Coax Plug. 508-1.10980-002.  PLW/ZF.
7mm diameter, 25mm long with screw clamp and solder pin.  Silver plated.    Often used in multiway blocks.
Unused, bagged 3.80

Multiway Circular Connectors are now on their own page. HERE


For information on how to buy, please see the information page

Information Page

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