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E180CC E180CC Double triode See HERE for 5 page data sheet pdf New old stock

Matched pairs

CON7173 Pluggable 2 way screw terminal block. Camden Boss 1302/2 , PTR Harman AK130/2, Part no 5013002001 G. Rated 10A, 250V ac.
2 way units that can be assembled into multi-way interlocking blocks.
See data sheets HERE and HERE
Can be vertically or horizontally mounted - the blocks have entries at both rear and under.
They plug into headers with pins spaced at 5mm. (Not available here but see RS/Farnell. Alternatively 17SWG wire fits the spring sockets)
  Examples of multi-way assemblies from basic 2-way unit
New Old Stock

0.12 ea

0.08 ea
CON7175 RJ45 Socket.  Molex 0855135013.   Surface mount.  All 8 contacts available.
See data sheet HERE.
New Old Stock


PS186 15V 1.2A dc Power Supply. Sunny SYS1089-1815-T3.  Input 100-240V 50/60Hz to IEC fixed connector.   Output 5.5mm diameter via 1.7m long flex.

Boxed and tested
New Old Stock
Last update:   January 10, 2018

UK, Vintage Electronics, Test Equipment,   Industrial, Scientific, Valves, Roehren, Lampes, Vacuum Tubes, Meters, Optical, Books, Radio, Wireless, Components, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers, Fibre Optics, Transducers, Connectors, Cables.    Antique radios, Surplus equipment.     New Old Stock.            Manuals:- Hewlett Packard, Marconi, Tektronix, AVO Radio Television TV Repair and Maintenance