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COLOUR CODES FOR Resistors and Capacitors

1.  RESISTORS  Resistor Codes Resistor Coding

On the older carbon composition and carbon film resistors usually only 3 colours are used in the sequence Body - Tip and Spot .

 Additional bands are for tolerance silver for +10% and gold for +5%.  

A pink band indicates a high-stability component.

Resistor Colour Codes are simple for the 3-colour system but not so memorable when one has 6 bands see below!

Colour_01.jpg (99290 bytes)


And here, below, is the RS data sheet which extends some of the 4th, 5th and 6th band values.

Colour02.jpg (106398 bytes)

2. CAPACITORS - Capacitor codes, Capacitor Coding.

The same colours apply, with the 5th band being working voltage.

The chart below shows how this is applied to the "tropical fish" capacitors.

TropFish_a.jpg (16171 bytes)

    68nF 20% 400V         0.47µF 10% 250V        0.68µF  10% 400V

Colour03.jpg (139734 bytes)